Project Rationale – Policy boost to bamboo Industry in Mizoram

Focus of Govt. of India and Govt of Mizoram on Bamboo sector
Sec 2(7) of the Indian Forest Act 1927 amended to omit bamboo from definition of tree
22 states / Uts have exempted bamboo from felling and transit rules
MoEFCC directions to state for issue of Pan India Card/Transit permit for interstate movement of Bamboo throughout the country
Relaunch of National Bamboo Mission
ISO2004 and National Building code 2016 standards prescribed
Bamboo material included in SOR of CPWD
Government of India is already working toward logistical support to North Eastern Industries by connecting any north East state through 20 national water ways
Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project this will connect Kolkata sea port.
Indian Railway has already made a rail road upto Bairabi 2 km inside Mizoram. The Bairabi to Sairang Railway 51.38 km distance is under construction and it will be completed in year 2019.