Marketing Bamboo Products (IKEA and others)

Progress made on our proposal to IKEA

  • IKEA Bamboo sourcing Workshop was organised on 11th February 2016 at the Chief Minister Office of Mizoram under his chairmanship.
  • IKEA Forest team visited Mizoram during 5-8 April 2016
    On 14 Oct 2016, along with IKEA company and S.A. Wood Chemicals Sdn Bhd of Malaysia (Glue Manufacturer) we made samples by using Mizoram bamboos for testing purposes at BCDI, Tripura which was sent to IKEA approved laboratory – NAWaL Analytical Laboratories. We cleared the most critical test – Formaldehyde test.
  • On first week of October 2016, IKEA had invited us to their Headquarter in Sweden to attend meeting of potential Bamboo supplier from India. In this visit we understand more about IKEA plans for Bamboo and we had given our price offer and also share our plans for setting up a manufacturing unit.
  • We attended IKEA forestry training which is conducted at IKEA office, Gurgaon on 24th October, 2016.
  • On 14th May 2018, we had a meeting with IKEA Bamboo Head from Sweden in Agartala, Tripura for update of the project.

RUSTA AB (Sweden)

On 12 October 2017, we got the invitation from the CEO of RUSTA AB to attend the supplier day in Delhi, which we attended and had further discussions in their purchasing office.