King Marketing Bamboo Project

Bamboo Processing Industry: To establish a “state of the art” Bamboo Industry in Mizoram for employment generation for locals.
Bamboo Plantation: To secure 10,000 Ha of land with or without naturally grown bamboo to establish FSC certified bamboo plantations and mobilise additional 10,000 Ha of land through communities and Government to secure supplies of raw material to the industry.
Marketing Bamboo Products: To secure buyback and marketing arrangements with key to global buyers players like IKEA
Skill & Employment Generation for locals: Skilling Mizo youth to create sustainable employment, livelihoods and maintaining green environs of the state.
Sustainability: To adopt globally accepted practices like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and alike to ensure sustainability of the project.
Stakeholders: To secure technical and strategic partnerships with expert agencies, Companies, Government agencies and communities for the success of the project