Creating sustainable employment, livelihoods and maintaining green environs of the State.


•Mizoram is leading state in bamboo resources and with low population density has the highest scope for expansion of area under bamboo •Bamboo Cover – 3267 square kms (58% of Mizoram recorded forest area including TOF) ref – ISFR 2017. •Total bamboo available – 6217 million MT.  •Presence of Industrially important 20 species like B tulda, D hamiltoni, D. Longispathus. •Bamboo grows naturally in Forest areas and is also planted in private areas – popularly called bamboo gardens.

Saplings of Moso (Phyllostachys edulis)

Uses: Moso bamboo is use in variety of products including timber, fencing, furniture, construction material, paper pulp, plywood, flooring, musical instruments, utensils and rayon for the textile industry. It is also edible shoots which are eaten locally and/or canned for export. Several factories are also producing bamboo beer, a beverage made from Moso bamboo juice. Bamboo charcoal is used for food, dyes and medical industries.

We started the seed germination of Moso bamboo in the year
January 2020 which is sourced from China.

Height: 10 – 23 m Diameter: 8 – 18 cm Growth Habit: Running
Climate: Temperate – Subtropical
Hardiness: -18°C
Origin: China – Taiwan

Saplings of Dendrocalamus Giganteaus

Uses: Dendrocalamus giganteus is one among the twelve high yielding bamboos worth raising as a large-scale bamboo plantation as it is very good for construction, paper production and young shoots are good for vegetable products. Culms are also used for scaffolding, boat masts, rural housing, water pipes, vases, buckets, water pitchers, matting, boards and parquet, furniture, water pots. Culm sheaths are used to make hats.
We started the seed germination of Dendrocalamus Giganteaus in the year November 2018 which is sourced from Myanmar.
Height: 25 – 35 m
Diameter: 15 – 30 cm
Growth Habit: Dense Clumping Climate: Tropical – Subtropical Hardiness: -1°C
Origin: Southeast Asia

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